Brandon Coussens, LMFT

Brandon Coussens is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and owner of Legacy Marriage Resources, LLC based in Augusta, Georgia. He specializes in marriage counseling and sex therapy. You can schedule a counseling appointment with him through Legacy Marriage Resources. He also offers Christian Coaching, Marriage Coaching, Financial Coaching, and Life Coaching to those who live outside the state of Georgia.

An open cupped hand turned upward with symbols of communication rising out of it. The title 2 Critical Communication Techniques for Couples is on the left side.

2 Critical Communication Techniques for Couples

What if we said that communication can improve? You’re not so sure? It may very well be that you’re here because you need help and are struggling to understand how to get out of the cycle of negative communication between you and your spouse. In any relationship, it is important to understand how to communicate. What does that look like? Is there such a thing as healthy communication? How does it work? 

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Anxiety

When you are stressed and anxious, it is helpful to have tools to stay calm and manage your nerves so you can focus and perform well in what you are facing. It’s normal to have trouble relaxing sometimes.  Even now your body might feel tense, and maybe even restless. You need multiple tools to help you relax. We have written articles already on tools such as using music and grounding techniques that help improve your confidence and decrease your anxiety. Let’s add another one.

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Picture of a couple with their backs to each other fighting, with the title: "The Top 3 Marriage Problems Couples Face."

The Top 3 Marriage Problems Couples Face

After providing marriage counseling for a number of years, I have seen and heard many stories. You could say there is not much I have not heard. However, I am sure there are still stories that would make me cringe. It’s impossible to hear it all, even for a therapist. I rarely react anymore. Probably because I have likely become desensitized to these types of stories. What I have learned through these stories is that couples face challenges and they often don’t know how to deal with them. Sometimes they don’t even know what the core problems are.

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4 Grounding Techniques for Reducing Anxiety

Anxiety is a very normal part of being human. What is not normal is when it gets you stuck in a pattern that is dysfunctional and keeps you from doing important things. When has your fear or anxiety held you back? I know it’s frustrating and you need help when it comes to getting unstuck and getting your life back on track. Would you like some tips on how to deal with your anxiety?

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How to Reduce Anxiety Immediately: Is it possible?

Have you ever felt anxious and just did not know how to calm down? Do you ever find yourself searching for quicker solutions for reducing anxiety, even immediately? Sometimes it can be difficult to even know where to start. It can be scary in the moment when you don’t know what to do. There are many opinions about how to manage worry and fear. Lots of options have been presented, but which ones are right?

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A book with practice gratitude written on it in orange and a pumpkin sitting beside it on a table with the title "being thankful for your marriage."

Be Thankful For Your Marriage

As Thanksgiving has drawn near (Only a couple of days left to get prepared!), I keep being stirred more and more to focus on what I am thankful for. I do wonder why we don’t keep this focus all year round. It’s been demonstrated by research that gratitude has many benefits. Why don’t we tend to make it more of a habit? It is a good question, but one that we may try to answer at another time.

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What are the benefits of marriage counseling?

Many of us want to be reassured that what we are about to embark on will be worth it. You research and pull from various resources to find as much information to determine if something is going to give you the best outcome. Reviews are everywhere! You can’t tell me that you aren’t looking up reviews for that new place to eat or that thing you wish to buy. Why would it be any different for marriage counseling?

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