Employee and Team Commitment

Legacy Marriage Resources, LLC is committed to providing quality services to all our clients. Thus we are committed to making sure our counselors and team are healthy and prepared in every way possible. Below we outline how we hope to make sure that our team can provide the highest quality services they are able to.

Commitment to the Health of Our Team and Counselors

Our counselors will be committed to being healthy. They will work to be mentally, physically, spiritually, and relationally healthy. Legacy Marriage Resources LLC provides support for our therapists to take time where needed to take care of themselves.

We encourage physical exercise in their private life to keep them in shape and to ward off physical illness. It is important that they work to eat healthy too. Both exercise and eating healthy lend to improved mental health. Our therapists are encouraged to seek counseling, supervision, and consultation as needed. With our flexible schedules, they can more easily find time to seek these services if needed. As a Christian organization, we believe it is important for our therapists to believe in more than just what they see in the natural life.

God is essential and it has been shown that those who believe in God are more humble and loving. Our therapists are encouraged to go to church and actively participate in spiritual activities. Due to this commitment, we do not allow our therapists to see clients or work in the office on Sundays unless they go to church on a different day.

Finally, we desire our clinicians to have healthy, supportive relationships. We support time off when there is a family emergency or need. Our commitment is to the family and the community. If one of our counselors sees an opportunity to engage with family or community that would benefit them as a person and as a therapist, we support it.

It’s so important for our team to be as healthy as possible. We cannot help the community without being healthy. Our belief is that a healthy team means we can offer better counseling that a client benefits from in every way.

Commitment to Training and Growth

Along with a commitment to a healthy team, we are committed to training and growth in each team member’s specific area of expertise and work. For counselors, we encourage and support continued supervision and consultation. We stay on top of licensure needs. LMR provides counselors with CEU reimbursement for at least 1 CEU opportunity. We also cover supervision for non-fully licensed counselors.

Along with these opportunities we are committed to providing regular training for ethics, confidentiality, and up-to-date counseling methods and research.

For our non-counseling team, we continue to provide training for their specific task. We continually stress confidentiality and ethics. In the areas where they need improvement or growth, we seek training that could benefit their skills.


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