Premarital Counseling

What is Premarital Counseling?

Couples come to Premarital Counseling or Pre-marriage workshops to gain valuable education and information about themselves, what a healthy marriage looks like, and how to manage common problems that might arise in marriage. The hope is that a couple will become prepared for a life together so that they will be assured of a mostly happy and successful journey through life.

What is SYMBIS?

SYMBIS stands for Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts. It is a program that includes a detailed assessment and an approach to educating a couple about their dynamics and how to have a healthy marriage. Essentially, it is a premarital counseling method used by many counselors in their workshops or sessions.

Here at Legacy Marriage Resources, LLC we have 1 trained SYMBIS Facilitator (Brandon Coussens) and are looking to get all counselors trained in SYMBIS, as well as, other Premarital Counseling programs to support the institute of marriage by training couples who are seeking to be married to start with an advantage that will help them build a lasting legacy through their relationship.

How is Premarital Counseling different?

Premarital Counseling is different than regular couples counseling in that it is more of a workshop. It uses more education and exploration of personalities and the main areas where couples might struggle. An assessment is usually given and an 8-session block of time is usually allotted to earn a certificate of completion prior to getting married.

Couples counseling tends to help couples work through problems that already exist. The counselor helps the couple to work to understand the root of the problems, solve any conflict, and create new, healthier methods of relating.

Couple counseling can be provided in tandem with Premarital Counseling or soon after to work through existing problems if the need arises.

Premarital Counseling options we provide…

  1. Eight 1 hour Sessions – $125 for each session – Full Price = $1000
  2. Four 2 Hour Sessions – $240 for each session – Full Price = $960
  3. Two Half Day Sessions – $440 for each session – Full Price = $880
  4. One Full Day Session – $800 for full session – Full Price = $800
  5. Group Full Day Session – $200 for each couple or individual (Must have at least 4 couples or individuals)

Note: Each couple will receive a free SYMBIS assessment and report that we will review.

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