Intensives and Group Trainings

What Intensives and Group Trainings do we offer?

We offer intensives and group training that are created to help improve the health of marriages and relationships. The following intensives and group training are available:

  • Premarital Workshops
  • Communication classes
  • Marriage Workshops
  • Love Languages Workshop
  • The Power of the Tongue
  • Sexual Intimacy
  • Gender Differences
  • Porn Kills
  • Beating Dishonesty
  • And More!

Are there online trainings?

Yes! I will be offering training online and they will be made available On Demand once they are completed. Updates to these trainings will be made available when updates occur. Workbooks and courses will be provided as they become available.

Why do you offer trainings?

Sometimes our counseling schedule is full. So, to help more people, we attempt to offer trainings, workbooks, courses, and other resources to help those who are not able to get into counseling at this time. Also, we understand that just coming to counseling may not be enough, and having other resources can help provide you attain the quickest growth possible.

Trainings can be a good way to grab and practice the skills you need outside of a counseling session quickly. Knowing good techniques and ways to connect and communicate with your spouse is very important. Sometimes it is better to learn these techniques outside of the valuable time spent in therapy so that sessions don’t get bogged down with learning how to do the skills needed.

When do you offer trainings and workshops?

Trainings and workshops are offered per request with at least 1 month’s notice, as well as, scheduled throughout the year on Fridays and Saturdays. Please feel free to email or call us to request a training or workshop.

How much is a training or workshop?

Please call us for a quote: 706-955-0230

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