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When you are struggling in your marriage, you may not know where to turn. It’s lonely and you wish you could communicate with the one closest to you. Yet, you feel like roommates, trust may be broken, or you may even be separated at this point. It’s seem hopeless. 

Are you having any of the following thoughts?

I don’t know what to say because if I say anything they will get mad.

We don’t talk anymore and I feel more like a roommate than a spouse.

I’m tired of arguing. It’s constant. I don’t know what to do.

They never want to do anything with me anymore. Do they still love me?

My spouse doesn’t apologize. They just defend themselves. I wish they understood me better and would listen.

I can’t do enough to make her/him happy. Will I ever be enough for them?

I feel unappreciated and undervalued. I just want them to see me and understand what I need.

We don’t know how to communicate, and when we do, it’s so difficult that it feels like pulling teeth.

If any of these thoughts or statements sound like something you have thought. There is hope! You can have the relationship you want. Don’t give up! We will guide you both through the struggles you are facing. Just take the step to get help!

Legacy Marriage Resources, LLC exists to help couples who are struggling in their relationships, whether in a marriage or just dating. We specialize in marriage counseling and sex therapy. As a business in the Augusta and Evans, Georgia area, we take broken relationships and restore their connection, affection, and intimacy. Your desire is to breathe life into your relationship again or find peace and connection after months and years of conflict. Our goal is to help you find life-giving resources focused on healing and improving the health of your marriage. We focus on Biblical values and principles that if followed will correct your relationship to the healthy state you desire.

We are, at our core, a marriage resource center offering couples the opportunity to grow their relationship through using our services and resources. We provide information to those couples who desire to increase connection or to make their relationship even stronger.

Communication skills are needed more than ever but will be of little help without healing and rebuilding trust in your relationship. We help families learn to live their lives to the fullest and love each other intimately. Our extra services combine with couples therapy and sex therapy to give you an in-depth experience that will make your relationship stronger. Our other services include relationship therapy for non-married couples, individual counseling for a variety of concerns, Premarital counseling, and Christian counseling. We offer intensive workshops and relationship skills training that include help with communication, resolving conflicts, setting healthy boundaries, and more.

If you are feeling hopeless and need change now, we are here to serve you! If you want the passion back and can’t seem to find a way to get it, we are here to inspire you! When your communication is non-existent and you feel alone in your home, even while others live there, we will be here to walk with you through it! Let us help you. That’s what we are here for!

We are Hiring!

Legacy Marriage Resources is seeking a counselor/therapist who is passionate about helping couples. You will receive training and grow your career through opportunities to work with couples in all areas, especially those who struggle with intimacy. Opportunities to work with individuals are also available, helping them improve their relationships and overall mental and spiritual health. If you are a licensed clinician (associate or fully licensed) or have your master’s and are working towards licensure, please join our team! We offer training and help with supervision. You will receive support when you need it. Flexibility in schedules is also available.

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