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Legacy Marriage Resources, LLC exists to help couples who are struggling in their relationships, whether in a marriage or just dating. Our specialties are marriage counseling and sex therapy. As a business in the Augusta and Evans, Georgia area, we believe we can make an impact to change our
communities with life-giving resources focused on healing and improving the health of marriages with an emphasis on Biblical values. We are at our core a marriage resource center offering couples the opportunity to work on their relationship. We provide information to those couples who desire to get their connection back or who desire to make it even stronger.


Communication skills are needed more than ever, but will never be helpful without providing healing and rebuilding trust in our relationships. Together we can help families truly live their lives to the fullest and love each other intimately. We offer a variety of services to reach these goals other than couples therapy and sex therapy. Our other services include relationship therapy for non-married couples, individual counseling, Premarital counseling, and Christian counseling. We, offer intensive workshops and relationship skills training that include help with communication, resolving conflicts, setting
healthy boundaries, and more.

If you are feeling hopeless and just want someone who will understand your hurt and pain. We are here. You want the passion back and can’t seem to find a way. Your communication is non-existent and you feel alone in your home, even while others live there. Let us help you. That’s what we are here for!

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