In marriage a couple needs to show affection. This picture demonstrates how a couple needs to be together. Marriage counseling can help a husband and wife rebuild connection and intentional moments to move towards each other.

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Clients who come see us often feel lonely, weary, and as if they don’t have much more to give. If that’s you, we understand. Your relationship is not what you hoped it would be. Or the person you married has betrayed you. Maybe you just can’t bear carrying the load anymore. Your spouse seems caught up in everything else and can’t see that you are drowning. This is not what relationships were meant to be! Life was never meant to be a lonely road that you just can’t break even. 

You don’t have to continue to live like this! Your marriage, job, friendships, and more can be good again. We seen our clients find hope and start to gain confidence in themselves and the relationships they are involved in. If you want more out of life, call and get an appointment today with one of our counselors! We want to support you!

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What Legacy Marriage Resources Does…

Legacy Marriage Resources, LLC opened in June 2022 to provide marriage counseling in Augusta, GA The goal was to give resources to couples and individuals who are struggling in their relationships, whether in marriage or just dating. We specialize in marriage counseling and sex therapy. However, we have expanded our services!

As a business serving Augusta, we work to take broken relationships and restore their connection, affection, and intimacy. We also work to take burnt-out people and give them the tools to overcome life’s toughest obstacles. We are a faith-based organization too. Our counselors provide Christian Counseling in Augusta GA and Evans GA or online. This is all to help bring more stability to homes in our community.

We are, at our core, a marriage resource center offering couples near and around Augusta the opportunity to grow your relationship. We provide you with information to increase connection and to make your relationship stronger. We also help you as individuals to become healthier in order to support one another.

Other Services…

Our current services we provide include relationship counseling, individual counseling for a variety of concerns, Premarital counseling, and Christian counseling. We offer intensive workshops and relationship skills training that include help with communication, resolving conflicts, setting healthy boundaries, and more.

If you are feeling hopeless and need a change, we are here to serve you!

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