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Our Mission

Legacy Marriage Resources is here to serve the community by helping couples receive healing from their past pain, develop a vision for creating a healthy relationship, and build a legacy of love that their children can carry forward and be proud of. We desire to create helpful services, materials, and training to improve relationships and your well-being. We offer counseling or coaching services designed to provide accountability, healing, and connection that moves you in the direction of a more loving relationship, just like the one you have been longing for. We desire to provide all that you need to transform your marriage into one that is God-honoring and life-changing!

Our Vision

Legacy Marriage Resources, LLC’s vision is to be the center where couples come to change their relationship for the better. The goal is to combine marriage counseling and sex therapy to improve the intimacy that a couple needs to stay connected. Relationships can be complicated, but we desire to create simple ways to help you redeem and grow your marriage into a true and lasting companionship that impacts the community around you. We want the institution of marriage to become relevant again. It’s time to take back our families and it starts with healthy marriages!

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Our People

Bethany Stanley, LAPC

Bethany has a passion for helping people develop their spiritual health and wellness. She has always been inspired by seeing people grow and thrive in their calling. Due to her love of writing and creating stories she graduated with a degree in English in 2020. Because of her passion for people, she then entered a Master’s degree program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from which she graduated in 2022.

Bethany seeks to unlock the profound connection between words, stories, and people through her work with individuals and couples in the counseling field. Inspired by Matt Smith’s quote, “We are all stories in the end, just make it a good one, ey?”, she is dedicated to helping clients unearth their unique narratives. She is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Psychotherapy to guide individuals, and couples, towards becoming a healthier version of themselves. She has a history in working with children, and is very passionate about working with couples and families.

When she is not counseling she loves to travel, crochet, and read in her spare time. She is very creative and enjoys getting to know people’s stories.

Carlos Carrillo, MMin
Biblical Counselor

Carlos is a firm believer in Jesus Christ and has been since 1981. He loves to read the Bible. He enjoys sharing the gospel of Christ with others. He is a husband of a beautiful wife and father to three children. He received his Bachelor’s Degree at Faith Theological Seminary in Tampa in 1998.  He also earned a Master’s Degree in Ministry in November 2017 in Christian Counseling. He believes the Word of God has the answer to many of life’s issues. The Bible tells us that Christ is the Prince of Peace.

Carlos wants you to know it is important to show Christ’s love and let others know about the Peace He gives. Carlos will be working towards a certification in Biblical Counseling. He offers Biblical Counseling with couples and individuals while under supervision and working to complete his certification. Carlos is also bilingual having fluency in Spanish and English.

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Brandon Coussens, LMFT
Certified Sex Therapist

Brandon is the owner of Legacy Marriage Resources, LLC. He previously worked independently but developed the vision for a marriage resource center out of his heart to see marriages restored and filled with life and the foundation of the family renewed to a healthier state. His love for his wife and family drives him to see others take the same journey he is on, a journey to build a legacy for his children and grandchildren, to be successful, and to show the world the love of Jesus.

Brandon has been working in the mental health/counseling field for over 14 years and has honed his skills in helping couples create deeper connections and intimacy. He specializes in sex therapy and is a Certified Sex Therapist. He also specializes in couples counseling and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (License # GA 001247). He has a passion for teaching those who are preparing for their “big day” so they have an incredible life together. Helping couples start their marriage off with a solid foundation and with the knowledge to have a healthy marriage is his passion and is vital to a great future together. He also works with families and individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, anger, grief, trauma, faith issues, and more.

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