Our therapists provide a variety of counseling services here in Augusta, GA and online. We pride ourselves in providing caring support with professional services that will meet your specific need. We also understand that we don’t know everything. Honesty and transparency is so important in all relationships. This is true with your counselor also. If we don’t know something, we tell you that we don’t know and we will work hard to find the answers you deserve. If we can’t find those answers, we will make sure you know our limits and work with you to find other resources or counselors that may be able to serve you better.

We are all in this together, to have a better brighter world. That starts with you. Your growth through our services, whether that is relationship counseling, sex therapy, or individual help, every little bit helps you to find the joy of living again. Check out our services below and call us if you desire to know more!

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Other Services Offered

  • Individual Counseling
  • Communication Classes
  • Marriage Intensives
  • Premarital Classes/ Intensives
  • Marriage Skills Training
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