Seeking a Fully Licensed, Associate Licensed, or Master’s Level Therapist to provide counseling services to couples or individuals through telehealth or in-person sessions.

Skills required: Training in working with couples, individuals, and families in a counseling setting.

Skills preferred, but not required: Training in Couples Counseling and Sex Therapy.

Preferred applicant: A Christian who has had experience in counseling working with married couples helping them work through various relationship issues. The applicant is preferred to have a heart for seeing married couples thrive and work through their differences. The applicant is preferred to be open to growing in their craft, working hard, and being flexible in their work, as well as in their schedule. The applicant is preferred to be out-going, service oriented, and committed to whatever Legacy Marriage Resources, LLC requires of them and requests them to be able to perform, but will be discussed and agreed upon at the time of hire. It is our desire to have an applicant who wants to help us grow and be an outstanding organization that provides superior service, quality communication, and an atmosphere of help and love. The applicant is preferred to be someone who can be organized, on-time, and self-motivated.

Possible tasks include: Couples counseling for various issues, mental health counseling for various mental health disorders, performing thorough biopsychosocial assessments, providing workshops or teachings on various counseling / mental health / relational topics, writing on mental health and relational topics.

*Please email your resume and references to admin@brandoncoussenslmft.com.